Mother, This is the Way to Recover After a Miscarriage

Miscarriage or loss of unborn baby, can bring a long sadness for a woman. However, don't let yourself sink into sadness. Although it's not easy, there are ways to recover and get back up after a miscarriage. Physically, you may recover quickly from miscarriage, but not necessarily emotionally. Although not yet pet the baby, but the inner bond between mother and baby from the womb must have been established. Naturally, if all the feelings arise mixed up when experiencing a miscarriage. But don't let this make you sink into prolonged grief. Feel the Emotions If you experience a miscarriage, you can feel a mix of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, guilt, depression, to distrust. As a result, you may experience fatigue, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, frequent crying, strained relationships with family and friends, even to the point of committing suicide. These complaints generally lead to post-miscarriage depression. Recovering from a
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